Free Roundcube Skin

I am quite used to the “Larry” Roundcube skin, and did not find the default theme to be as comfortable to use – however I have 2 mail boxes which I want to keep separate, but still use with Roundcube.   Looking for alternative themes did not yield an awful lot of options, and the ones which were available were either extremely overpriced or just did not work right.

So I went down a small rabbit hole – cloning the “Larry Skin” and then modifying it.   This worked – sort of.   After a frustratingly large amount of time I realised that (a) Larry appears to be special and the plugins have specific support for that skin – which are not available to modified versions of the larry skin without a lot of fiddling and (b) Roundcube supports child themes – so the solution is to make a child theme with just my modifications and link it to the Larry theme – which allows my plethora of plugins to continue to work – and would seem to substantially future proof it.

The documentation is fairly clear on how to extend a theme, but a few trivial gotchas – “Purple Larry” can be used to expose pretty close to the minimal set of changes required to make a child theme.

Anyone is welcome to use my extended skin (theme?) for free – just download it and extract it to the Roundcube skins directory.